You have been offered a chance to participate in the Adaptive Corp simulation, but Adaptive Corp might not be all that they seem.  Determine what Adaptive Corp is up to.


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nice game concept. though i would not choose to use backgrounds like that. i would probably just use one color background and just use different colors for the levels. the wall jumping was not very fun. i would just add a non friction material on the walls and just have the player double jump. then make the levels compensate on difficulty for the double jumping

I actually like the stone but I can see how the lack of uniformity could be jarring.  Yeah, after a few plays the wall jumping was not as fun as expected. Initially I liked it but am coming around to not fun. Thanks for playing

The rooms are chosen randomly out of about 4 rooms per each room.  Probably will add more rooms and content.

Nice game idea! Good job for a game jam. Are the rooms procedurally generated or not? Anyways, I'll make sure to leave ratings as soon as it is possible