Select between the food fighting or traditional fighting faction.  Survive the other ten factions.  Learn about the world and hopefully someday, take on the Master.  


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Are you reusing your move script? I dont think all of your games need to have the double jump xD

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yeah, it saves time, I think super powered people should be able to double jump.

Your games are like repeated joke its fun for the first time but not so much third or fourth. I think reusing scripts might be a problem, your style may be fun to make but not that much fun to play. I expected some fighting game but it was more of a one screen platformer, with reused scripts. Its assetflip for me. 

Yeah, I worked on a fighting game but the animations were not working as expected.  I had to change my thought process and needed to have at least some part of a game, since I don't think people would have enjoyed, basically a book.

TOO SHORT!!! :'(

Always leave people wanting more.  Yeah, I am hoping to expand this a lot.  It is having the time and energy to do it.  I really am not sure how I want to do this.  I was going to have it be first person narrative from Bradley's point of view, but also think it would be cool to click on a faction and kind of experience a level from that point of view.  I have so many ideas, now it is getting them on paper/screen.


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