a,d or left, right to move left and right

w or up arrow to jump.

. or ` to use glitches/Button 1

1 or/ to shoot/Button 2

Destroy the three enemies and then watch out for the bombs, see if you can get your score to 250.

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


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@Lo Inc. I would never have chosen that button schema but it was required for the Game Jam I participated in.  Not sure if move towards player would be too tough.  Truthfully this was going to be multiplayer, so the enemies were just supposed to be extra and the idea was to fight.  Yeah I pulled the music from a free unity asset store and made the sound effects myself.  

I hope this feedback will make you feel good, because me, as a game developer myself, think that feedback worth gold. so here is it:

honestly, there are few things in the games that feels wrong...

first is the jump key. maybe it should be space bar instead of w/up but that is minor and isn't the same for every player. another thing is the AI of the ghosts, they move in one path, and even simple implementation of random path generation or moving towards the player will make the game A LOT more interesting. except for that, I really like the game. it is not too hard to finish, and very nice to look at visually. the sounds aren't very good quality, but still feels professional because of the way you use them. the player movement could be better, or maybe it just don't fits the map. the movement itself is smooth and fun to play with.

nice game! ;D