Dodge objects.  Move with arrow keys or a and d.  Jump with w, up, or space.  You can triple jump.

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i missed your legendary sound effects

That death sound is stupid in a hilarious kinda way cool game

but what is the brush for exactly

This is the beginning of a larger project. I programmed an attack, just didn't have any enemies.

Sweet game but the death sound makes me cringe a bit.

Yeah, it is a little long, I found it more humorous but thanks for the input.  Yeah, I enjoyed the level design.  You have a paintbrush attack but currently had no enemies in the level, had an idea about collecting paint but didn't have time to implement it in this version.

looking forward to the next version!

Hoping to write some story and introduce the Doodle Monster today and maybe make a level with villains tomorrow.

Thanks for playing, that was fast.