You are a zombie in a post apocalyptic world.  It is up to you to consume radioactive ore in order to survive.  The remaining humans do not like you and want you gone.  Avoid the humans and obstacles in order to retrieve the ore.


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that is the cutest zombie i will see today :3

i can bug the camera if i stuck myself on the corner of the map and keep trying to move

I am happy you liked the zombie, I also thought he was super cute and had floppy arms which was my goal.  Yeah, the camera was weird.

I really like how the character spins around depending on how you move, it's pretty adorable and fits the character art. You got a pretty good chuckle out of me when the human characters started spinning in my general direction.

I feel like the movement speed of all the actors (The zombie, the humans, and the moving obstacles) are all too slow. The first couple levels in particular felt like they dragged on way too long.

Yeah, the speed is a little slow.  I felt if it was higher you would accidentally run into things and get frustrated but that probably could be mitigated in level design.  Thanks for playing.