Play as a Shadowknight and traverse the terrorverse to fight fears.

W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys to move.

1 to switch to sword and 2 to switch to shield.  Space to attack.


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At the request of the developer, I played the game and am offering my feedback here. I'll open that out of 5 stars, I would give this a 2 in its current state. So let's take a look at why that is with a good ol' fashion pros and cons list.


  • The developer clearly had passion for this project, which is always good regardless of overall quality.
  • Everything works the way it should, with the exception of the shieldEDIT:  The developer addressed this, and the shield now feels great!
  • This has voice acting, surprisingly. Not all of it is good but it is still something I welcome.
    • The developer also sings a song, and while he is not a good singer (sorry man), I smiled at it because it was fun.
  • Decent variety in ideas across the three levels I tried.
    • Some of the enemies are kind of interesting.


  • The game is too difficult. You have a sword and shield option, but the shield really seemed useless. I took damage even when clearly blocking with it (see above edit).
    • I couldn't beat the clown area at allEDITCan now beat clown area BUT the lions are stupid hard. They hit you even you aren't touching them and they themselves are very hard to hit with the sword.
    • The positive vibes area is confusing because I don't know where the green area is. I looked all over and couldn't find it. Perhaps an indicator for the general direction should be added?
  • Personally, not a big fan of the art outside of the little dude but I would take that with a grain of salt.

As it stands, there is potential here. Not everything is working in harmony, but the game has charm. Some may find it frustrating because in its current state it is rather difficult, but if you can look past that, it is worth at least trying out.

A note for the developer, be sure to include a Windows executable for IGMC 2018 or the judges will not count your game. I would hate for you to be disqualified over that :(



Uploading a new version.

I'll check it out once the competition due date passes. I'm giving myself a day or two of rest. I pulled two 13+ hour days in a row to get mine out in time.


Well congrats.  I will polish it up a little more, but not going to really add any new content.  Taking your words to heart.

Thanks man. I really look forward to seeing the improved version of your game though :)


Playtesters make a big difference.