The beginning audio of my psychological horror game.  Uploading the second take, press 1 for yes and 2 for no.

Background Audio from the free Horror Electro pack on Unity.


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Deleted 2 years ago

The timing might be a little off, it was tough to get everything to match up, you might have to try pressing again.

Yeah you just need to wait a bit till the actually story starts.

Deleted 2 years ago

@Hatless I am sorry that is was difficult for you to understand.  My normal voice wasn't scary enough, but I do understand that some stuff was hard to makeout, I did not have much time to rerecord everything.

Even wearing headphones, I can't make out what cookie monster is saying more than half the time. 

Cool idea, but too heavy on the voice filters to play. :(

audio game!! hashtag that =) blind people can play it

Please leave feedback, hoping to get something truly horrific.