Oh No! Your god has left.  Now what will you do.  Push around your box and see what happens.

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I liked the music, and the art was good, although a little sparse at parts. Some of the controls were a bit weird, like the double jumping, and climbing walls by standing next to them. Also, is the box supposed to be moving itself? I thought we were supposed to push it based on the description.

I also got bored after a few minutes of following the box, so I might not have made it to the end. Maybe make it a bit shorter? Besides that, I thought it was good.

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Yeah, there were going to be enemies and other things in the world but time got the best of me.  I still might expand it for the Game By Its Cover Jam.  I need to upload an edited version since if you finish, it just brings you back to the title screen.  The game is about a creature who has been abandoned by his god and you are walking and searching.

Thanks for playing.

Cool artwork, but I didn't understand the goal. I kept running for several minutes but didn't find anything. I also found a bug where I could jump up the wall without the cube by hitting left and right and jump really fast. Hope this helps! :)

The goal is to just keep walking.

Will need to reupload, looks like the win scene is not setup correctly.