You are a present trying to make it under the tree for Christmas.  The house is not keen on intruders and will do whatever it needs to stop you.

Everything in this game was done by me, music and artwork.

Made withUnity


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This is dark souls.


Very tough game. I managed to get past the spikes a few times, but ofcourse there are the balls of death to ruin everything haha :) 


The house is just trying to protect the stick family from this intruder, the present.


The house is a good protector

yeah, he seems to be.

You really enjoy making sad games.  I guess Ursa was a little more uplifting.

I have only participated in game jams with sad themes, so that's why i've only made sad games haha

what did you do to the hitboxes? XD

Yeah I am thinking it might be the main character, the spike hitboxes are quite small. 


easy game for babies, try doing some better gameplay. But  sound and graphics were just right.

Haha funny, since the person before you thought it was way too tough.

Yeah balancing this was tough.  Was starting to think making it physics based puzzles would have been fun.  

I guess it depends on how much time will you spend playing the game.

its all about learning curve and getting well w/ game.

Yeah,  make it pass the initial part and the game is pretty easy.  Just it is taking the time to get the jumps correct.

Please add some checkpoints. The game is too difficult.

BTW How long did it take you to make this game?

Maybe 10 hours. Yeah, I was thinking of making you restart at the stocking if you made it.

This is art


Did you make it under the tree in time for Christmas or was the house successful in protecting the Stick Family?

The house just killed me a lot of times, then I closed the game after trying a bit more. Btw, the game don't run very well on my browser/PC for some reason (My specs just sucks)

Yeah, the game is quite tough.