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@Joshua New version posted, with some text

@Joshua, yeah I might add text, given the constraint I couldn't and also did this for Adventure Jam,  this was recorded using Audacity, I think some misclicking might have screwed up some of the Audio. The left arrow is to exit but in web browser version end application does nothing for Unity.  Yeah, I think I might have accidentally stacked some ghosts, I playtested a lot but still missed a lot of stuff, did this in 2 days.  Yeah having names actually on the buildings would have helped.

Interesting concept! A few bugs here and there like overlapping audio, and I'm not sure what the left arrow does at the beginning because the audio is hard to understand. Did you hypercompress it? Sounds very low bitrate.

Anywho, would be nice to see a version with text to accompany the audio in the future. :D

@Milkgorn I am happy you had fun, but am sad you did not get to see one of the four endings.

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You have to find death. He is constantly moving. If you get in his line of sight, which maybe I should have made larger, two thought bubbles will appear.  Then if you go to the spooky house and scroll over the Villain there should be more audio. The game revolves around scrolling over the characters in the specific buildings. Using no text made this hard.

I don't know, wtf is this, but it is fun! Creativity is amazing. Couldn't go anywhere after killing ghosts though. Some practice and you will be able to make good quest games!